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Para la construcción de pozos y sondeos


Pesa Well Engineering, founded in 1989 as Preussag Engineering, SA as the Spanish delegation of the German multinational Preussag and throughout its 31 years of activity in Spain, has carried out its activity under the following names: Pesa Engineering, SA, GWE and Bauer Resources Spain , up to the current name of Pesa Well Engineering, SL, due to corporate changes within the multinational. We are currently part of an international group of companies with production plants in Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal


We are a leading company in the sector of hydrogeological resources, groundwater, hydraulic works of supply networks, geothermal energy, geotechnics, the oil and gas industry as a global supplier of high quality products, as well as for its individualized consulting for the development and design of new projects.


The main areas of our company are the supply of materials for the realization of all kinds of underground hydraulic works, such as PVC-U anticorrosion pipes, stainless steel and epoxy-coated pipes for the construction of wells and boreholes, piping systems for desalination plant wells, HDPE pipes for drainage and degassing of landfills, special fiberglass pipes for the oil and gas industry, equipment for hydrological instrumentation, pipes for the construction of piezometers, as well as all the products necessary for the turnkey construction of geothermal works.



Mirar por encima Planos

Asesoramiento e ingeniería para el diseño y construcción de sondeos y pozos de agua.


Tuberías hidráulicas específicas para la impulsión de sondeos y pozos de agua subterránea.

Hospital Sammelschacht-bearbeitet.jpg

Asesoramiento y productos específicos para geotermia de media y baja entalpía.


 Tuberías especiales para la desgasificación y drenaje de vertederos.


Instrumentación hidrogeológica para el monitoreo de piezómetros, sondeos y pozos de agua subterránea.


Asesoramiento y productos para la rehabilitación de sondeos y pozos.


Main office

Calle Laguna Dalga 12 nave A5

28021, Madrid.

Telephone: +34 911 478 102


Office hours

From Monday to Thursday: 8: 30-14: 00 and 14: 45-17: 45.

Friday: 8: 30-14: 30.

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Request information:
+34 911 478 102
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